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Elevator Consulting

Elevator reconstruction, maintenance

Reconstruction of elevators according to European standard EN81

عیب یابی آسانسور

– Do you have a chance of tearing up your elevator wires that are tired and need to be replaced?

– How long is a lift’s useful life and when should major repairs be made?


Benefits of Choosing the Piroozparvaz Team for Reconstruction and Maintenance

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Price of hydraulic and tensile lifts

Hydraulic lifts are typically 10 to 15 percent cheaper than tensile lifts. But hydraulic lifts are not recommended for buildings with more than three stations. You can read the difference between the two lifts below.

Method of calculating and estimating the price of lifts

Customers who have a lift installation or rebuilding project can be contacted by phone to PiroozParvaz or by posting a comment and asking their sales and technical experts for an estimate of their project price. The more accurate the details of your elevator remodeling or installation project are, the more accurate the price can be.

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The driving force required to move the lift cab is provided by the lift motor. Of course, it should be noted that in tensile lifts, not all of the lifting force is provided by the engine; For example, when the elevator cab is at the lowest floor, the vanity box is high, and the elevator cab does not need to provide all the power needed to move the cabin. (Exactly like the function of a slave)

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Elevator cabin, decorate and remodel it

Most elevator cabin decorations come in two different stages and times: the first stage of the initial design, when the cabin is manufactured.

The second step is to decorate the cabin when refurbishing or removing the elevator cab.

In general, the best type and best decoration of a cabin is when it is appropriate to the building and its use, as the elevator is also part of the building and must be suitable.

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Types of elevators

Elevators are similar in features like having a cab, moving vertically and stopping at different levels. But in terms of how the propulsion is applied to the cabin, they are divided into five categories: tensile, hydraulic, winch, magnetic and pneumatic lifts.

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Introduction to escalators

Escalators are constantly moving. Parts of it are moving horizontally and parts of it are moving vertically. This device should be in the traffic flow direction of the building’s passengers. Therefore, passenger transport capacity depends on the following factors:

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Ramp Definition

Ramps are a slope that connects two different levels. This connection is between two levels, such as two floors of buildings, two places or two objects. The slope of the ramp is made of rib and diagonal, which friction prevents frustration when moving.

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