Elevator cabin, decorate and remodeled in installments

The lift cab is a compartment in which the human or the load is placed inside and moved within the floors. Elevator cabin has the following components:

♦ Structure or yoke is a piece of equipment, often steel, that carries the box inside and carries it.

♦ Cabin guidance shoe that prevents the cabin from moving and colliding with the walls.

♦ The outer wall of the cabin is usually made of light steel.

♦ Interior wall of the cabin that has the role of decorating and beauty of the cabin.

♦ Safety brake or emergency brake mounted on the yoke.

Most elevator cabin decorations are done in two stages and at different times:

First is the initial design stage, when the cabin is manufactured.

The second step is to decorate the cabin during renovation or renovation.

In general, the best type and best decoration of a cabin is when it is appropriate to the building and its use, as the elevator is also part of the building and must be suitable.

Elevator cabin floor

Elevator cabin flooring also plays an important role in its beauty. Luxury cabins are usually decorated with a variety of natural stones and in the simplest case, ordinary flooring is used. Laser steels are used in various designs for the false roof of the cabin.

Standard lift cabin

Instead of using a knob inside the steel cabinet, the glass lift cabin uses a touch panel that has its advantages and disadvantages. Standard dimensions of the cabin play an important role in its beauty and luxury. Perhaps a particular decoration used in the 6-person cabinet dimensions is more appropriate and stylish than the 4-person or 8-person cabinet dimensions. Of course, calculating the dimensions requires a calculation formula based on US or European standards or …. (In our country calculations are done according to EN81 European standard. Certificate of elevator standard is also issued according to EN81 European standard)

Elevator cabin design

The lighting and lighting of the elevator cab also plays a huge role in its beauty and eye-catching. The integration of light and its direct or indirect illumination is very important. Many manufacturers in Iran are making cabs, but their quality is never equal. The design of the cabin structure and the selection of the gender and composition of the cabin decorations and the exposure calculations are very important for each part, these designs show their different time and space conditions. As with earthquakes, building materials on the cab, or problems with emergency braking (parachute) crashes, construction and design of the elevator cab is a specialized task and is of particular importance.

The air circulation by the blower and suction fans causes the air to enter the bottom of the walls and exit the roof of the cabin, thus permanently stabilizing the air in the cabin.

The use of a cabin air freshener, which always gives a pleasant smell, is one of the foremost measures in the elevator industry.

Piroozparvaz Engineering Company is proud to have been able to manufacture, design and decorate the elevator cab with all the above principles carefully and to the satisfaction of its employers and subscribers.

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