Elevator Door Definition

The elevator door in a lift system has both safety and decorative aspects at the same time, so it is important to be careful when installing it like other mechanical parts of the elevator, as Accuracy can lead to repeated elevator failures and may result in significant financial losses. There are two types of doors in each elevator:

1- Floor Door:

This door is responsible for removing the elevator well from the floors. The most important responsibility of protecting people on the floor is to prevent them from falling into the elevator well.

The floors generally use two types of hinged or fully automatic doors.

Swing Door: This is a door that the passenger opens with his hand when using the elevator.

Full automatic door: This is a door that the passenger does not interfere with when opening and closing the lift and is automatically operated. The automatic doors are divided into two types of telescopes (open side) and central (open center).

Swing Door

درب اسانسور

Telescopic door

درب آسانسور

Central door

درب اسانسور

2- Cabin door

The doors that are installed on the cabin, such as the floor doors, have different types (telescopic, central, etc.). Door hinges are never used on the cabin door.

Door types

The lift door is mechanically divided into three general categories: simple door (hinged floor door and door without cabin), semi-automatic and fully automatic. Of course, the elevator door is electrically split. Doors that have motor as well as drive control and doors that do not have them.

How to operate the automatic lift door

In automatic doors, there is a mechanism on the cabin door that functions in addition to opening and closing the cabin door, opening and closing the floor doors.

Different components of the elevator door

Swing Door: Swing doors are less sophisticated because of their less complexity. The frame, the handle, the handle, the hinges, the dictator and the contact are the components of a swing door.

Automatic Floor Door: Frames, handles, door seals, shoe covers, contacts are all parts of an automatic door.

Cab Door: All the parts included in the automatic floor door plus the door opening and closing mechanism which include various components such as the header motor, drive and pulleys and belts.

Benefits of central door over telescopic door

1- Time to open and close the central door (open from center) is shorter

2. The central door is prettier

3- It is possible to adjust the cabin and floor with central door, but not with telescopic door (open on one side).

4- Getting less space in cabs that need more depth.



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