Elevator reconstruction consulting and maintenance,
Reconstruction of elevators according to European standard EN81

Innovative action by Pirooz Parvaz Company to provide PiroozParvaz policy services in elevator remodeling has made maximum use of the components. That is, we try to repair the defective parts in the first step when refurbishing the elevator and avoid replacing it.

Most of our efforts are to repair defective parts in the first place. This way you will see a sharp reduction in your costs. We only decide to replace the piece if there is no way to repair it. Or the cost of repair is less than the replacement cost.

Our experts excel at understanding all types of elevator design systems. Our experts have a lot of experience in remodeling elevators. Our knowledge covers a wide range of lifts (relay, hydraulic, tensile, gearless, MRL, imported packages, special industrial lifts, etc.)

If you have questions below, be sure to use our online consultation.

Do you have a chance of tearing your elevator towers that are tired and need to be replaced?

– How long is a lift’s useful life and when should major repairs be made?

– Is the elevator cabin and its decorations tailored to the client’s suit for commercial, office and residential buildings?

Benefits of Choosing PiroozParvaz Team for Elevator Restoration, Maintenance

– One year warranty (written warranty) unconditional replacement

– 10 years of unmatched warranty on your elevator parts

– Since the operation of the construction, repair and reconstruction of the elevator well requires compliance with safety principles. The operation of the elevator well is performed by a trained elevator team.

Give us your elevator rebuild from zero to one hundred.

Types of maintenance systems:

Due to the use of the lift, which is used as a vehicle for vertical movement, the importance of service and maintenance of the lift is felt. Because the minimum elevator travel length in ordinary buildings reaches up to 2 meters and in towers up to 5 meters or more. And anything at this height can be irreversible. At the same time, attention to social welfare makes it possible for us to use lifts with the least stress and the highest safety.

The causes and factors of elevator renovation or renovation are as follows:

– Multiple elevator failures and inability to fix errors without major changes

– Upgrading, upgrading technology and increasing elevator facilities

– Beautify and modernize elevator cabin interior and exterior lift doors and chassis on floors

– Reduce the cost of repair and maintenance of elevators after reconstruction or renovation

– Increased safety and security factor by implementing complete replacement and refurbishment of worn and unusable parts

– Compliance of the whole complex with the standard provisions both in elevator and in construction

– Improvement of elevator traffic parameters and compatibility of these parameters with the needs of users living in the building complex including speed, capacity, summons response algorithm and …

– Increased motion quality including smooth movement and elimination of unnecessary lift cab shocks

– Noise reduction due to elevator movement both in the engine room and on the floors

– New design and utilization of all capacity of lift wells and elimination of out-of-bounds spaces and thus increase capacity of lift cabin

– Reduce energy consumption and electricity consumption of elevators

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