Price of lift

Price of hydraulic and tensile lifts

Hydraulic lifts are typically 10 to 15 percent cheaper than tensile lifts. But hydraulic lifts are not recommended for buildings with more than three stations. You can read the difference between the two lifts below.

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Method of calculating and estimating the price of lifts

Customers who have a lift installation or rebuilding project can be contacted by phone to PiroozParvaz or by posting a comment and asking their sales and technical experts for an estimate of their project price. The more accurate the details of your elevator remodeling or installation project are, the more accurate the price can be.

Dear customers of the elevator remodeling project can get help from the on-site technical experts to know the cost and what parts should be replaced. A fee will be charged for sending the expert to the project site. If the project is transferred to PiroozParvaz company, this cost is considered part of the project cost.

You can read about the benefits of using PiroozParvaz Company staff for elevator remodeling on the Elevator Remodeling page.

The effect of elevators on the price and value of buildings

Elevator is a capital goods, meaning its value and efficiency can raise and lower the value of a building. It is the only device used for easy access to the floors and low quality or malfunctioning of commuters. Since it is an expensive and important item in the building it is not possible to replace it easily. The price of an elevator is about 1/6 that of an elevator. As a result, choosing the right elevator is very important.

قیمت آسانسور

The price of the elevators varies depending on the type of their operation and performance, as well as the installation and commissioning or reconstruction project.

Hydraulic lifts are usually cheaper in terms of price than traction lifts. The hydraulic lifts are operated by an electric pump that transfers the hydraulic fluid to a jack and moves by a piston at the base.

The disadvantages of these types of elevators are their low speed, inefficiency and unusability in tall buildings.

But in places where there are height restrictions for the building, such as around airports or roof-top villas, it can be a good choice as long as the parts are properly selected and properly designed and installed.

It is generally believed that hydraulic lifts are safer than tensile lifts. Their only reason is that the towing wire is not used in hydraulic lifts, but this is true only for hydraulic lifts that have a direct jack, the hydraulic lifts that move the jack indirectly by the cable transmit its force over the towing cable.

The price of an elevator is determined by the type of design parameters, the type of components (in terms of quality and compatibility and performance), its options and the quality of installation.

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